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9th December 2020
A Day in the Life of our Customer Services Manager – Paul Young
A day in the life of our Customer Services Manager

Wondering what it’s like to work at loans by mal? We caught up with our experienced Customer Services Manager, Paul, for a few insights into his average day at the office.

6am: My day begins with a morning alarm. I get up and head downstairs to feed my two cats Trevor and Irwin. I take a quick look at the day’s headlines and then I’m off to the gym for a morning workout.

7.30am: Workout done – that’s me all set up for the day! A quick shower to freshen up and I’m on my way into Douglas early to avoid the traffic, enjoying the 3FM breakfast show on the way.

8.15am: A bowl of porridge and cuppa kick starts my day.  I like to arrive at the office early so I can get a few tasks done before catching up with the team.

8.30am: First things first, I check my emails to run through our latest enquiries, then I’ll begin responding to them.

9.30am: I call a customer about their application. Our online portal makes it easy for customers to manage their applications and loans online, but sometimes we need to get in touch to check through information.

10am: We’ll usually have a team check-in around 10. These catch-ups are a great way of making sure that everyone is up to speed with any important developments.

12pm: If it’s a nice day, I’ll venture out for a walk – maybe along Douglas prom as we’re based close by – making a pit stop for a sandwich. It’s great to get out when the weather is nice and stretch the legs!

1pm: Back from lunch, I’ll generally check up on the progress of a few projects that I’m working on and I’ll also take a look at any applications that need checking. Our online application process is straightforward to complete and has a quick approval process.

2.30pm: A quick check in with the team, then it’s time for a few conference calls to discuss upcoming plans for loans by mal. As the company continues to grow, I’m enjoying being a part of its journey and seeing how these plans take shape.

4pm: Returning to my desk I check my emails and we have had a query from someone wishing to apply for a top-up to their loan. Depending on individual circumstances, this is something that we’re able to offer and an application can be submitted using our online portal.

5.45pm: I log out and head to my car. Once I’m home I get on with some DIY to keep the wife happy! We’re (slowly) doing the house up so I get the sander out to tackle the hallway floor.

7.30pm: Finally I’m released from sanding duties and it’s time to make dinner! After quickly whipping up a spag bol, I dive in to my latest Netflix addiction Peaky Blinders.

10pm: After binging one too many episodes, I’m ready to get my head down. Time for bed.


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