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Thinking of borrowing more?

If you would like additional borrowing we may be able to help you with a further advance.

If you are eligible, you can choose to set up a new loan for the top up amount or combine the two
loans into one loan.

We will need to check your repayment history on your existing loan and carry out the usual
affordability and creditworthiness checks, in light of the new repayments. As we already know you,
the decision process will be very quick.

How to apply for a top up loan or further advance

To get the ball rolling, you simply need to log on to your customer portal and start the application process.

Important Note: Late repayments can lead to serious money problems. For advice, please visit debt@gov.im or email debt.fairtrading@gov.im. If you are experiencing any financial difficulties that may affect your repayments, please also contact us.

Any questions? Our comprehensive FAQs page will give you the answer you are looking for.

Borrow from mal

We lend to Isle of Man residents, who are in full time employment or are self employed and have a regular income

We make loan decisions on affordability and creditworthiness

Our loans have a maximum 12 month term

Before you sign the agreement you will always know what you will repay and the terms

Our loan calculator will provide you with an indication of monthly repayments



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